Cheapest Car Insurance Company After An Accident In USA

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The majority of car insurance companies increase their rates for drivers that have been involved in accidents. 

The rates can go as high as fifty percent more when compared to the earlier ones making it hard for vehicle owners to make the required payments. 
Fortunately, some insurance providers still offer reasonable rates to those with accident claims, allowing them to enjoy quality services. To help you find a cheap car insurance company that will offer you protect you after an accident, check the list below. 


Vehicle owners that sign up with USAA can expect an increased rate in their premiums after an accident. The insurance provider that caters mainly to the military community increases the rate from $458 to $607 after six months. The rates also vary depending on the person that caused the accident. 

State Farm

State Farm offers relief to car owners seeking cheap car insurance after making an accident claim. The rates offered to drivers in such situations move up just over $100 within the next six months, which is $665 to $ 802. These new rates are reasonable compare to similar companies. 


Nationwide offers the cheapest car insurance to drivers that have been involved in accidents. The company increases its rates from $667 to $859 within the few months after making a claim, for those paying premiums with a claim. 


Payment of premiums after a claim to GEICO will cost drivers an increased rate of just under $300. Vehicle owners with no claim pay $602 while those that have been involved in accidents are required to pay $934 on a six-month policy. GEICO is one of the cheapest car insurance providers and this extends to those with claims as well. 


Farmers Insurance requires drivers with accident claims to pay $1, 010 six months after the incident. The rate is much higher than the one for drivers with no claims which stands at $781 but still affordable. 

Liberty Mutual

If you have no accident claim on your vehicle, you enjoy rates of $769 when working with Liberty Mutual. However, a claim increases the rate to 1,181 which is reasonable when compared to other insurance providers. 


The insurance rates paid to Progressive after an accident claim increase from $777 to $1,343 as part of the policy. Vehicle owners are required to cover the extra amount to allow them to enjoy the coverage offered by the company. 


Allstate is a cheap car insurance company that caters to its customers’ needs before and after an accident. The rates offered by the insurance provider increase from $993 to $1,425 for those with claims, making it possible for drivers to enjoy quality services.

In general, the rise in insurance rates by service providers after a claim is inevitable but it can still be mitigated with proper research. It is advisable to compare different companies and their offerings before settling on the cheapest car insurance for one or more vehicles. 

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