The Cheapest Car Insurance Company Per State

by - mars 25, 2020

The Cheapest Car Insurance Company Per State

Vehicle owners in the US may find it a bit hard to understand the setting of premium rates by their preferred insurance provider. However, with a bit of research, you will find that the rates in each of the fifty states vary depending on the insurance provider.

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The difference in rates depends on a variety of factors including the state of residence, driving records, credit rating, type of vehicle and preferred coverage among others. 

If you are looking for cheap car insurance in the US by state, below is a list to help you make an informed choice before settling on the best company. 

Annual rate


Maine is a state on the eastern side of the US with a population of 1,344,212. Vehicle owners in the state can enjoy cheap rates of $935 per year, which is one of the lowest in the US. GEICO insurance company offers the lowest rates to the residents of the state. 

New Hampshire 

New Hampshire located on the northeastern side of the US has a variety of companies offering car insurance at an average of $1,037 to its residents. GEICO has emerged as the insurance provider with the cheapest rates and serves the majority of the 1,359,711 people living in the state. 


The 11,689,100 residents of Ohio get to enjoy cheap car insurance at an average rate of $1,046 per year. Car owners can the best rates at GEICO, which is the most affordable insurance provider in the state. 


Virginia residents can access the cheapest car insurance rates from Penn National, which offers the lowest rates in the states. Its population of 8,535,519 can enjoy premium rates at an average of $1,005 annually. 


GEICO insurance is the most popular insurance provider among vehicle owners in Idaho. The company serves over 1,787,065 people residing in the state by providing various coverages. Rates in the state stand at an average of $1,164 per year. 

North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the largest states in the southern part of the US with a population of 10,488,084. The average annual rate for car insurance in the state is $954, making it one of the cheapest in the country. Residents in the state can access the cheapest rates from GEICO insurance.


Indiana residents have the opportunity to enjoy cheap car insurance from GEICO. The company serves the population of 6,732,219 by providing various packages for vehicle insurance. On average, the annual rate of insurance in the state is $1,164 but can change due to several factors. 


Iowa residents can get their vehicle covered at an annual rate of $1,106 depending on the insurance provider. State Farm offers the best and lowest rates in the state and serves the majority of its 3,155,070 residents. 


Washington has a population of 7,614,893, which is served by State Farm insurance. The company offers low rates to drivers in the state plus a wide array of coverages. Residents of the state can enjoy an average rate of $1,052 per year depending on their provider. 


Hawaii is largely served by GEICO when it comes to auto insurance for its 1,415, 872 residents. The insurance provider gives affordable rates that closely matches the average annual rate of $1,045.

Ultimately, car insurance is mandatory in every state with cheap rates available from a variety of companies. 

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