Top 10 Expensive Car Insurance Companies In USA

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The rates for auto insurance in the USA have been rising in recent years with vehicle owners having to dig deeper to get the best coverage. 
Most companies that offer a variety of coverage options offer their services at varied costs depending on the state and other considerations. 
Even so, some companies have consistently offered their services at higher rates than others, placing them in the expensive car insurance list. 
If you are shopping for vehicle insurance and want to know the ones ranked as expensive on average, you need to check the list below. 


The coverage options offered by Esurance include the standard packages offered by similar companies. However, to enjoy better quality services, vehicle owners need to pay for additional coverage resulting in high premium rates.


Progressive supports its customers to access the least expensive car insurance rates through discounts. However, the withdrawal of the discounts because of involvement in an accident or getting tickets results in higher rates.


GEICO offers excellent services to its customers using a direct-to-consumer model. They have wide coverage options that are ideal for those looking for quality car insurance. The rates offered to drivers are affordable but increases for vehicle owners that go beyond the standard package. 


Farmers car insurance aims at protecting vehicles in a flexible and value-based manner. The rates offered by the company are averagely priced but may be higher for younger drivers and those with a bad driving record among others. The services offered are accompanied by great customer and claim services. 

American Family

American Family is popular because of the rates it offers vehicle owners seeking insurance cover. Its rates are great for car owners with a great history of driving and with minimal accidents. Paying out claims maybe delayed making the overall engagement expensive overtime. 


Nationwide offers coverage options that can be categorized as basic, regular as well as premium. Drivers with unfavorable records pay a higher rate on their policies when they sign up with Nationwide insurance


All-State is one of the most expensive auto insurers in the US because of its high premium rates. The insurance provider has a great claims service that ensures customers are sorted in time thus saving money.

State Farm

State Farm offers vehicle owners car insurance at varied rates depending on their preferred package. The packages have discounts attached to them and custom coverage for individual customers. Older cars attract extra discounts from the insurance provider. 

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a reliable company that offers varied rates for vehicle owners in the US. Its annual premium rates are expensive depending on the type of policy selected by the vehicle owner. Higher rates are also inclusive of extra add-ons. 


USAA caters to those serving in the military and offers some of the highest car insurance rates. The expensive rates make it possible for them to give better quality services to their customers. 
Overall, paying expensive car insurance gives drivers peace of mind when on the road as they are assured of protection in case of an accident. 

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