Do's And Don'ts For Car Insurance Coverage During The Covid-19 Crisis

by - avril 25, 2020

Do's And Don'ts For Car Insurance Coverage During The Covid-19 Crisis

Since many folks are reception and our cars are just sitting within the driveway, one big question for our viewers has been Car Insurance discounts.

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So we checked out what’s being offered and what to try to if you’re not getting a good shake.

Carol wrote to us on Facebook that she hasn’t seen any change in her policy with a refund or credit and a number of other more of you said an equivalent.

“As the Car Insurance firm started reviewing this drastically, they wanted to offer back and do what they might on their part,” said Janet Peppler.

“They’re gonna refund a percentage of two months of premium,” said Peppler.

Almost every major carrier has reported a reduction, so call and see what your offers. If they’re not offering you a deal ---then it’s your job to ask that they are doing.

Car Insurance - Car Insurance - Driver

Thinking about dropping your policy altogether? you'll want to consider.

In the end, the downsized coverage could actually hurt your point system that fees are supported so it’s not worthwhile for now.

Instead, if you’re having problems paying, reach bent the billing department.

"Hey, I don’t have any money, I'll have a check-in 3 weeks, are you able to pen my date for something, Car Insurance is being very, very understanding of that," said Peppler.

“They aren't sending any non-payment notices, they’re not canceling any policies, they’re waiving late fees,” said Peppler.

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